A company specializing in the manufacture of packaging machines and balers that already has quality certification, through the Valencian Institute of Certification (Ivar) company. Thus it has become the first certified in the Valencian packaging sector as well as the first manufacturer of balers for the ceramic industry company. Through this assurance, excellence of design, manufacture and marketing of consumables for these activities is ensured.

Pallet wrapping machines

In the certification pallets balers machines for ceramics, manufactured by the firm, the EC market are included. Among the balers are 8 types of machines, from the simplest to the most complex, and Nexo Iberian has developed the latest generation, a stretch wrapper which in turn reflects the pallet by a stretch film based on the cord itself. Link Iberian models work automatically and semi-automatically, so that require minimal attention by the staff who work with them.

New facilities

Last year they moved to the industrial estate Comimarti Wave. The new headquarters, with more than 1.5000 m², has become a nexus of important direct binding for this company, which started in 1987 with its customers. Its location is important because it is located near the ceramic industries, where most of its activity is focused.


Also note that they have already sold more than 100 units in the ceramic industry during the past year and continue to develop new industry requirements.

Cabezal porta-bobinas

Head motorized reel holder with implementation cord preestiro