Specialists pallets balers machines. Iberian S.L. Nexo is a pioneer in the field of machinery for packaging of goods, especially for baling machines pallets. It began its activity working for the citrus industry palletized goods exported by the mesh, being perishable products. According to Francisco Rivas, manager of Nexo Iberian S.L. “Once developed this product, we begin to create various types of machines with a different head which is extendible film”.

Nexo Iberian S.L. It is a company that makes machines in series under what the customer asks. They have a small staff and auxiliary parts are conducted workshops that have hired.
Because of its size, the performance in foreign markets Nexo Iberian S.L. reduced, except in the case of Morocco, where they have established trade relations since 1987 and have important clients of the citrus industry.

This company has invoiced 225 million pesetas last year and “in addition to the manufacture of machinery, also are distributors of accessories that use these machines as meshes, corners, cartons and other products that help packaging,” says manager the company.
Nexo Iberian S.L. It is the first company in Spain that manufactures pallet and currently is in the process of obtaining ISO-9002 certification by AENOR.