Nexo Iberica, specialized in manufacturing of packaging machines and balers firm has opened its new facilities in the city wave test that has undergone expansion since 1987, the year of its foundation.

“We chose wave with all sectors, the other of our major customers are in the ceramic industry, which led us to settle as close as possible to them to give them the best service”, says the manager of the company Nexo Iberica, Francisco Rivas

From now on, Nexo Iberica is located in the industrial estate Comimarti of Onda in two ships totaling more than 1,500 square meters. 50% of the space is reserved for storage of raw and packaging materials packaging products, while the other half of the space is reserved to manufacture machinery, spare parts warehouse and offices.
With new facilities, Nexo Iberian can cope with “full guarantee new future challenges” as achieving higher market shares and manufacturing technology, par which will also expand its current workforce.

Exclusivity a brand

The horizon of work that has set the direction of Iberian Nexo not limited to increase its production capacity, but raised to the maximum service to its customers.
In this sense, and within the policy of expanding the firm has entered into an exclusive agreement to distribute the stretch and shrink the plastic Molina Plastics company, which will benefit considerably to companies in the ceramic sector. Nexo Iberian also is also immersed in the implementation of ISO 9001, “for the process that will culminate next September,” predicts the manager Francisco Rivas.

The results also support the work of Nexo Iberica. Since its founding in 1987, the firm has installed up to 1,600 machines in Spain and abroad.

Trade missions

In this line, and through the collaboration of the Chamber of Commerce of Castellón and international cooperation program of Ivex, the company has also established contacts in Argentina, Chile, Uruguay, Tunisia and Morocco, among others. Francisco Rivas, the values of Nexo Iberian respond to “the greater proximity to customers, better quality parameters and service in direct compliance with the prices so that our customers can do their best economic management” for what they offer the latest market technology service company.

Balers art pallets

Nexo Iberian currently manufactures up to 8 different models of balers pallets, including the 300F Plus model, specially designed for the ceramic industry, and stretching up to 300% the film and the cord in each package highlights. It also makes strapping packing and pallet simultaneously. Nexo Iberian models work automatically, requiring “minimal attention by staff”.



Nexo Iberica has a fleet of vehicles to distribute its technology


Here, the plus 300F has a detector body breakage film that notifies both breakage and completion. “We propose technological developments according to the new needs of the industry,” says Francisco Rivas, who says that since his company “new machines, more automated, and comply with the regulations of the European Union (EC)” are studied. “We are immersed in a key market such as ceramics, which pay a level of technology according to their level of development.”