Control Panel
  • Pallet stretch wrapper with film or mesh.
  • Automatic stretch wrapper clamp loads.


  • Baling machines OPTIMA PLUS and pallets are suitable for working with film or mesh and the electromagnetic brake which incorporate regulate the ideal voltage for each product to baling.
  • Both models incorporate a programmable controller SPC-10 type where you can select all kinds of maneuvers; turns at the bottom, turns at the top, intermediate stops and starts to position pallet case covers, etc., etc.
  • Anti-slip decking, supports 2,500 Kg. Of weight and diameter is 1,500 mm.
  • Carriage creel with outside preestilo system where we can stretch the film up to 180%.
  • Maximum height of 2.55 m palletizing.
  • Possibility to select single or double wrapping.
  • Voltages of 220 V and 380 V. III III.
  • 1 kW installed power for OPTIMA and 0.75 for PLUS.
  • Weight Kg OPTIMA 520 model. And 450 Kg. For PLUS model.


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»Presitters Products
»Textile products
»Bricks and other materials

»Sacks / Paper »Boxes of all measures
»Cylindrical products.
»Irregular boxes
»Other products
»Fruits and vegetables
»Construction materials

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