The constant effort in search of quality of Iberian Nexo has resulted in achieving certification according to the ISO 9001: 2000. The firm, which specializes in the manufacture of packaging machines and balers, has completed a year-long process that has ended in granting quality certification of the Valencian Institute of Certification (IVAC). Thus, it has become the first certified in Valencia packaging industry company.

Through this endorsement, excellence of design, manufacture and marketing of equipment and machines for packaging ensures, “as well as marketing of consumables for these activities,” explains Francisco Rivas, manager of Nexo.

Own requirement

Through daily work, the company management time behind this new challenge raised quality, “a requirement of the environment and other requirements, the company itself,” says Rivas. Contact the prestigious cabinet Ihrem Engineers, La Vall d’Uixó, a quality plan by which the management of the firm was committed to a policy of quality according to customer demand developed. Since then, it was decided that the address mark measurable targets for improving the system. Finally, an organizational structure defined between persons involved in the overall quality.


Also, the certification balers machines pallets for ceramics, manufactured by the firm, the CE marking (compendium of standards regulated by industry, where all legal regulations regulated for use, operation and security coordination include the machines). Among the balers are eight types of machines, from the simplest to the most complex, and Nexo Iberian has developed the latest generation, a stretch wrapper which in turn reflects the pallet by a stretch film based on the cord itself. After more than a year on the market, this machine is now practically indispensable in the final lines of ceramic packaging sector.
It should be emphasized that Nexo Iberian models work automatically and semi-automatically, so that require minimal attention by the staff of the company that acquires.

Francisco Rivas emphasizes chords constantly technological developments are proposed to the new needs of the industry. Not surprisingly, changes in the production plants have accelerated with the expansion of recent years.

But the policy of total customer service Iberian Nexo not limited to optimize its production capacity. In this line of work, the company last year formalized an agreement for the exclusive distribution of the stretchable and retractable plastics company Plastic Molina, greatly benefits the ceramic industries.

Customer proximity, priority for the company

Nexo Iberica has always marked as part of their working philosophy the need for total customer proximity in every way. In this sense, tucking the ceramics industry to solve their related packaging machinery needs is the priority for professionals in the firm, with its facilities Onda has improved, if possible, their ability to service the empresas.Buen performance of new ins-installations. The company last year moved to the industrial estate Comimarti Wave in a decisive operation in a story that began in 1987. The new headquarters, with more than 1,500m², has emerged as the best point of direct contact with customers, who lends them an agile, versatile and quality service.

Nexo Ibérica S.L. nave en Onda

Francisco Rivas Lobato, manager of Nexo Iberian S.L., specialists pallets balers machines. Nexo Iberian S.L., first Spanish company manufacturer of pallet.

With new facilities. Nexo Iberica has full guarantee to face new challenges of the future. Its proximity to customers in the ceramics area, where most of its activity is focused, it reports multiple advantages. 50% of the space ship is intended to store raw materials for packaging and product packaging materials, while the other half is reserved to the manufacture of machinery and office.